a call to action

Calling all high school and college students!

The key to ending the unethical and archaic captive cetacean industry lies in your hands!

It's our generation that is keeping this outdated  practice alive by attending amusement parks, aquariums, resorts and other facilities that hold whales, dolphins and porpoises captive.

Since our creation in early 2012, our all-teen and young adult team has been working relentlessly to help get the word out about the abuse involved with captivity.

We're here to tell you that, yes- there is something YOU can do to help create a better world for cetaceans- and all the resources you need? Are right here within the Hub.

Here you will learn about how to start your own Blue Freedom club at your school or campus- with downloadable PDF fact sheets, presentations, project suggestions, call-to-action connect and more.

Because we believe that one person can make a huge impact. By raising awareness for this cause among your friends, family, and fellow classmates, you're bringing us one big step closer to a world where cetaceans are living free and respected in their natural ocean habitat- and not in chemical-filled cement pools.

So, jump right in and get started!

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