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Blue Freedom is a group composed of teens and young adults who are extremely passionate about protecting and defending our oceans- especially those who call it home.

Our goal is to give a voice to the voiceless whales and dolphins who have been captured and forced into a life of captivity, where they are made to endlessly perform tricks or cooperate with swim programs for the profit of marine parks.

Through our soon-to-be-released documentary ‘Voiceless’, we hope to turn the limelight on these intelligent creatures who are literally dying to entertain us, and to bring people’s attention to what really goes on behind the scenes at marine parks, exposing secretive issues such as the drastically shortened life spans of captive cetaceans, inbreeding problems, food deprivation, acoustic deprivation, sonar interference, and the sheer confinement of living in a concrete pool.

A whale or dolphin living in a pool for it’s entire life would be the equivalent of you living in a phone booth for your entire life.

In the wild, dolphins can swim 40 to 80 miles a day, and Orca whales can swim up to 100 miles a day, but in captivity they can only swim in small, continuous circles around their pool.

In the wild, whales and dolphins use their echolocation, a sonar-like system which they rely on to navigate, but in captivity they virtually cannot use this tool, as the sounds they emit will ricochet off the tanks concrete sides, create confusion in the water, and in some cases, this has driven the animal literally insane.

In the wild, whales and dolphins hunt live prey, socialize, bond in close-knit family pods and travel freely throughout the vast expanse of the endless ocean. In captivity they are hand-fed dead fish and at many times they are kept in solitary confinement with no hope of ever being reunited with their wild families and wild counterparts.

Marine parks assure the public that keeping whales and dolphins in captivity is ‘educational’ and that if whales and dolphins were not captured and displayed in tanks we would ‘never get a chance to see them’.

But is this true?

If this is educational, why are marine parks forcing dolphins to perform tricks which are completely abnormal and unseen in the wild? (Dancing, waving, bowing and kissing).

If this is research, then why haven’t we seen any ground-breaking scientific discoveries being documented and published by marine parks?

Is it research?

Is it conservation?

Is it morally right?

…Are we being lied to?

We believe, yes. We are.

Our goal is to simply present the facts about the captive whale and dolphin industry, and ask people- especially young people and teenagers- the ones who are going to marine parks and dolphin swim programs -to make an educated decision before they buy the ticket- before they support the industry.

We strongly feel that the world needs to know what that ticket to a day of ‘fun and entertainment’ is really supporting. Because buying a ticket is a vote for captivity.

Few people know that purchasing a ticket to a marine park is supporting such archaic cruelty and is actually fueling the largest slaughter of dolphins on the planet, in Taiji, Japan.

“As young people, as teenagers and young adults, we have the power to change everything.” says Katie Emmons, 18, President of Blue Freedom Inc. “We have the power to save them- to set them free and to show the world that this is not the future we want.”

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